Here is a Letter from the Lenawee 9.12 Forum

The 2012 Republican Platform and Dave Agema are under attack from within the GOP

Many movers and shakers within the Republican Party are working to remove certain socially-conservative planks from the 2012 Republican Platform*.  Because of Dave’s support of these planks, several party leaders have called for his resignation, including RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and MI-GOP Chairman Bobby Schostak.

Please read our open letter (included below) which we plan to send to Chairmen Priebus and Schostak.  If you agree with it, please add your name to the list of signers by clicking here.

If you have already signed it, we thank you.

If you think this effort is worthwhile, please forward this to others who are like-minded.

Read the 2012 Republican Platform here.

See as examples:

Preserving and Protecting Traditional Marriage here. The Rule of Law: Legal immigration here. A Failed National Security Strategy here. [note the phrase "radical Islam"] as adopted by the RNC on April 12, 2013.

Click here to see the letter and add your name.

The Ruling Class vs. The People

There has been a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking about whether the strategy of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and other ‘tea party’ Republicans has damaged the Republican brand. It seems the mainstream media, (MSM) and the Democrats have all agreed: the GOP was crippled by the actions of those on the right flank. And truthfully, the brand probably has been diminished but, those guilty of hurting the brand are not Ted Cruz and his allies.

What needs to be understood by the MSM is that courageous individuals like Cruz and Lee, et al. are not trying to destroy the party. They are trying RESTORE the GOP. They and countless conservatives across America are frustrated by what the GOP has become. The GOP was generally considered to be the party of limited government, low taxes, individual liberty and personal responsibility. Lately, the name GOP, which used to stand for ‘Grand Old Party’, has looked more like the ‘Government Over People’ party.

The Republican Party has become ‘Democrat light.’ Moderates like John McCain and Mitch McConnell seem to have forgotten the mission of the GOP: to make government smaller.

This battle is no longer about Conservative vs. Liberal, Republican vs. Democrat, or Left vs. Right. The conflict we see in Washington (and to a growing extent in Lansing) is one of ‘The Ruling Class’ vs. ‘The People.’ We who are in the trenches, working hard, paying the bills and asking government to leave us alone, have come to realize that we are getting no better deal with many Republicans in Congress than we are from the Democrats.

Ted Cruz and company are very popular with rank and file Republicans because they represent what the Republican Party is supposed to stand for. Case in point; look at the election for U.S. Senate in New Jersey last week. ‘Tea Party’ conservative and former Americans for Prosperity State Director, Steve Lonegan ran against heavily favored Democrat Cory Booker. The ‘party’ did not give him any support or assistance. Why would they? He is a ‘right wing extremist’ who is destroying the GOP brand.

In spite of the fact that Lonegan was outspent 8 to 1, he still garnered 44% of the vote and lost by just over ten points. Of note is the fact that eleven months ago, Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney in New Jersey by 18 points. Steve Lonegan campaigned unapologetically as a limited government conservative, as his website clearly demonstrates, not as a mainstream, Mitt Romney Republican.

Republican voters are getting weary of Republican candidates who do not fulfill the true Republican ideal of less government; as a result, they are staying home. They would never vote for a Democrat but, they see no point in voting for a candidate with no conservative credentials. When they do see a candidate with real conservative chops like Steve Lonegan, they go out and vote. If only the party had helped him match his opponent financially.

I believe what constitutional conservatives like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Steve Lonegan are doing is not unlike what reformers like Martin Luther did almost exactly 496 years ago. Luther was trying to reform ‘the church’ back to its original teachings. He had visited Rome and recognized that the the church was becoming corrupted by leaders who were seeking power and personal enrichment by enlarging the role of the church in the lives of the people. Luther did not try to create a ‘new’ church. He was committed to change and reformation from within. He felt the best way to accomplish his goals was through reformation, not separation. He was branded a heretic. The treatment he received was not unlike what Ted Cruz is getting from his own party today. His GOP colleagues are calling him ‘wacko bird’ and ‘fraud.’  How do Mr. Cruz’ constituents see him? He received an eight-minute standing ovation when he returned to his native Texas. His favorability among ‘tea party’ Republicans is 74% and among mainstream Republicans it is at 56%.

‘Tea party’ conservatives today are joining with Ted Cruz in an effort to remind the party what it should stand for. They love the ideals and principles of the GOP. What they do not like is how the party has become tainted by power-hungry politicians. True conservatives are not interested in starting a new party; they want to reform the party by electing ‘Ted Cruz Republicans’ to office in 2014. This is really a replay of what Ronald Reagan talked about in 1975. Watch this 2-minute video clip. It’s amazing; this speech could have been delivered yesterday.

Bold Colors - No Pale Pastels
Bold Colors – No Pale Pastels

Can Republicans win seats in 2014? Can they restore the Republic? Yes, they can. But they will only be successful if they are willing to run against the ruling class and commit themselves to making government once again a servant of the people.

Needed: Volunteers to Help Out at the Veterans National War Memorials

According to a CNN report, the National Veterans Memorial is barricaded because they need trained staff to be available to do CPR and maintenance people to keep the place clean. Let’s start a movement to find volunteers who will be there for those purposes. We don’t need gov’t to do it for us. These guys were willing to die for their country. I think they will be responsible enough to pick up after themselves at the memorial.

Join Us. Meet Constitutionally Conservative Candidates Saturday

You are cordially invited to join us on the island for a Meet & Greet Fund raiser for the Madison Project Michigan PAC.

Coffee Fund Raiser on the Island

Saturday, September 21, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Hosted by Carolyn May, Owner of the

Lucky Bean Coffeehouse

facebook page

7383 Market Street, Mackinac Island (map)
Donation: $10.00
Several potential candidates for public office will be in attendance.
Meet the candidates while enjoying the best cup of coffee
on the island and a fresh baked cookie.
This is a fund raiser for the Madison Project Michigan PAC.
RSVP here. Please put “RSVP” on the subject line and let us know how many are attending.
Contribute online to Madison MI-PAC here.
We look forward to meeting you!
All contributions and expenditures for this fund raiser must be reported in detail including the name, address, date, amount and other required information. Paid for by Madison Project Michigan PAC. Carolyn May is the proprietor of Lucky Bean Coffeehouse. This does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of Madison Project MI-PAC by Carolyn May.

ATR Sends a Letter to Michigan House Members re: Main Street Fairness Act.

Americans Tax Reform September 11, 2013
Dear Members of the Michigan House of Representatives:
I write in opposition to House Bills 4202 and 4203, which would establish an Internet tax and loosen Michigan’s physical nexus standard for tax collection. This legislation, while intended to “level the playing field” will directly harm Michigan businesses, fail to collect new tax revenue or level the tax playing field, and make out-of-state companies think  twice about investing in Michigan.
HB 4202 and 4203 would partially dissolve the physical nexus standard for tax collection and push the long arm of the tax collector past its appropriate state boundary. The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Quill v. North Dakota expressly forbids states from forcing out-of-state businesses with no physical presence to collect and remit sales taxes.
Most disconcerting is the section that attempts to circumvent the Quill decision by presuming a company has physical nexus if business is solicited through a third-party advertiser in the state. This goes against the Supreme Court’s ruling and is currently undergoing legal challenge in New York. Also concerning is the section that will deter out-of-state investment in Michigan by forcing collection obligations on companies that take even a very small ownership stake of a company in the state.
If history is a guide, the measure will put Michigan’s Internet advertisers out of work, fail to raise revenue for the state, and perpetuate whatever unfair tax playing field currently exists. In each state where the affiliate nexus tax has been enacted, retailers have terminated affiliate contracts to avoid the unconstitutional tax, causing tens of thousands of in- state advertisers to go out of business. This also severs the out-of-state retailers’ nexus in Michigan so that no new tax is collected, rendering the intent – leveling the playing field – irrelevant.
Questions of interstate tax collection fall under the purview of the U.S. Congress, as the Quill case itself noted. Congress is currently reviewing legislation in the area of remote seller tax collection and I advise Michigan lawmakers to refrain from taking a preemptive and likely unconstitutional course.
Poor enforcement of “use tax” law is no justification for constitutionally dubious legislation, especially if its only guarantee is to negatively impact Michiganders. I strongly urge you to reject House Bills 4202 and 4203. If you have any questions, please contact Katie McAuliffe, (202) 785-0266.
Grover G. Norquist